Bonny John via Kotaku
Bonny John via Kotaku

I mean, why not sign up? The personalized Kinja system that gives us an opportunity to reach the actual site is pretty cool...And I've got a ton of stuff to share!

For starters, I'll just leave this logo for a comic web series I'm working that will be based around my adventure in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I'll try and release the first episode later today.

Illustration for article titled Long time lurker, finally joining the family!

Oh, and I should note, I have a YouTube channel where I record myself during my painting process and set it to commentary (super duper original, I know!). You can find it here:…

Check it out and be sure to subscribe! I draw characters from all over pop culture, including video games! My latest is that of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. I'll post her video and some work in progress shots in a later post.

Well anyway, I hope to add a bit of my touch to these parts, and hope you welcome it.


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