Deadlines - I'm incredibly lax with how I treat my work in the middle of any cycle, I suppose I get comfortable. I find myself working like a maniac at the beginning phase, then ease into it and laze a bit, and then finally full speed so long as there's a deadline/due date/ finish line. » 4/20/14 10:10am Sunday 10:10am

I really like the steampunky look! Do you have an updated image featuring the crossbow and other changes?

I think one of the greatest assets to have for roleplaying in any capacity is to be able to draw out your thoughts and ideas, and obviously your OC. I've never played dungeons or dragons or any similar tabletop… » 4/18/14 10:11am Friday 10:11am

Hey! Just wanted to comment when I had a free time so I didn't have to spare my thoughts on this game in a rush.

Playing this as a kid, it was a bit later than when it came out. In fact, it wasn't this game but its sequel. I fell in love with it and everything about it. The art and the visuals particularly hit home for… » 4/17/14 10:34am 4/17/14 10:34am

I always wanted capsule toys from the local supermarkets and my dad would never spare even a quarter for me. Now that I am a growned upperman, I can buy them! however, I feel silly so I do a double take like a ninja to make sure no one can make fun of me!

I put in quarters to get a few adventure time stickers (only… » 4/17/14 10:18am 4/17/14 10:18am

The face of Eevee!? In your soup as soon as I finished illustrating him and his family!? The coinkydinks!

I never have any hope for these kinds of things, as they are clearly in it for money and marketing when they collaborate...But you know what? As a kid, anything like this I could SWEAR simply tasted better because… » 4/17/14 10:07am 4/17/14 10:07am

I've been playing Borderlands 2 with TAYers on game night. My first foray into the world of BL. It's fun, but I feel something is missing - I don't know what it is but I'm usually absorbed into a game that I'm excited to play but I don't really feel that here. I absolutely love the humour and the character designs but… » 4/16/14 9:54am 4/16/14 9:54am

That's...actually a Dodrio wearing a mask! XD The person who was talking about a chimera type design wasn't who i was referring to. i've lost track of who said what and now it's pointless to figure it out.

Gawker signs me in and out time to time, i have to relogin every now and then but it's nothign too bothersome. » 4/14/14 10:54pm 4/14/14 10:54pm