Redesigning the Smash Bros Menu!

So, user "NotGoodForYou" and I came up with the concept of holding a contest here on TAY to redesign the latest Smash Bros. menu for several reasons. This week, you may have noticed I missed my weekly art related post regarding SeeBonnyDraw as that has been put on hold and moved to next week. It'll be the final… » 12/12/14 9:25pm Friday 9:25pm

Thanks for the share, Ms. Empress and thanks for sharing your work as well. Next Craf-TAY Corner can feature the work of a redesign competition that's going on as well! I assume at that point your Bayonetta will be complete! Good luck and keep it up! » 12/12/14 6:14pm Friday 6:14pm

The reason I haven't submitted is because I'm using the whole amount of time to perfect my vision so expect something late Friday or something ;)

Btw, my entry is going for a couple of categories. I think it would be better if categories were removed as entry points, and when looking at the entries in a final… » 12/11/14 12:00pm 12/11/14 12:00pm

Happy anniversary, Steve! You've put a lot of effort into helping shape TAY over the last year and it's not gone unnoticed. I hope (and know) you'll further those efforts in more meaningful ways this coming year and beyond.

Cheers! » 12/11/14 11:55am 12/11/14 11:55am

I love how the main screen's main entries revolve around the Smash logo! I was thinking of a similar idea when I pitched the design contest to NGFY. I may borrow this concept for my entry - hope you don't mind!

And of course, great work! » 12/07/14 11:12am 12/07/14 11:12am

We've...come so far! There's so many awesome stuff on this list and many that's missing, but I understand it must have been tough to get even all this ready and organized. Thanks for bringing history back for all of us to sift through! :D » 12/04/14 9:17pm 12/04/14 9:17pm

Nice review Brett, short and sweet. I would absolutely pick this up but other than this and H5: Guardians, I personally don't see the Xbone as a viable option when I'm already interested in a PS4 and Wii U.

It sucks to hear about the matchmaking woes. All of these huge triple A games are coming out with problems...Not… » 11/27/14 11:02am 11/27/14 11:02am

Why Smash Bros. Is More Than Just a Game

There need be no reason whatsoever to drop whatever it is we're doing to play Smash Bros on any given day of the week. I haven't got a single friend who isn't ready to throw down the gauntlet when the word Smash is dropped in conversation. That said, I can tell you without hesitation which entry of the series was the… » 11/20/14 10:00pm 11/20/14 10:00pm

Does this mean I can go ahead and start my epic Smash Bros fan art that features every character in the series to date!? I've been hesitant because I don't want to do a layout for 65+ characters and then 5 new dlc characters arrive and then my poster isn't complete T.T » 11/20/14 3:56pm 11/20/14 3:56pm

I want funky socks! I wear no show black socks consistenly, and only now do I realize I need to spice things up! Maybe not for when I wear shorts, but for dress pants, so when my ankles are revealed, they can see something crazy! It'll be like a silly secret that people wll loook forward to see what kind of socks I'm… » 11/20/14 11:45am 11/20/14 11:45am

D'awww man, cut it out! I'm cutting onions here!

I appreciate you man. Let's hope for there's someone out there who'll stumble on my website or videos and say "I'm gonna give this guy a million dollar salary to draw lines on paper for me,"

I think "the more you do, the better you get," is so true for life in general.… » 11/20/14 11:41am 11/20/14 11:41am