I would doodle soooo hard (sounds...sexual!? LOL) regarding today's topics but vacation mode Bonny doesn't doodle unless he's at the airport or outside where people are out and about in his carry sketchbook.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's stuff though...This should be good! » 7/31/14 10:29am Yesterday 10:29am

Oh man, this is awesome news! I really enjoyed the first one quite a bit. Akuma's transformation in the physical sense was the only thing that kinda stained it but everything else was very great.

I hope they keep the scale small although they're touting going bigger - I think that element in this first movie, being… » 7/29/14 11:38am Tuesday 11:38am

That's awesome you found this through a random search (I assume). I updated my team after seeing Zoroark and realizing how much I like him, and his design and like you added a few just because I like them visually haha.

I also like how you included the various lines that the leader shouts like in the game - nice touch! » 7/29/14 11:16am Tuesday 11:16am

haha, thank you Muchi. It's been a while since I last saw this so I'm glad to get a notification and read all that I wrote and kind of absorb what happened in the last year.

Anyway, I'm glad you could appreciate the art and the series - thanks for checking in! :D » 7/29/14 11:09am Tuesday 11:09am

Hey, well said DS!

These days, people really need to finish typing out their comments, and just read them back one or two times. Wait a second, and just see if what you need to say really does need to be said. When people fight over these trivial things, it irks me because generally speaking, we're on these sites… » 7/18/14 11:11pm 7/18/14 11:11pm

Great list, Zarn! I also like the minimalist header!

I've always felt that the LoZ universe would benefit from having the supporting characters all have voices - find a voice that befits a trope and let those people add a new depth of immersion around you as Link.

In Persona 4, I think that was part of the appeal for… » 7/18/14 9:55am 7/18/14 9:55am

You bring up a great point looking into the etymology of the word xenoverse.

I think the best bet as to who this character is revolves around a "character creation" tool the new game might possibly have. Many have likened this new hero akin to something a young child might create out of love for his many heroes. … » 7/16/14 8:14am 7/16/14 8:14am

I'm sure many others have probably said this or thought it, but Agent Morgan should/could pick up the mantle of Bauer as the focus in the next season to either save Jack or continue the series on her own if for whatever reason they never pursue to shed light on Jack's ending.

24 has been one of my all time favorite… » 7/15/14 2:20pm 7/15/14 2:20pm

Let's Break Down Today's Smash News!

With the inclusion of 2 new playable characters and a returning veteran, you'll want to watch Nintendo's official announcement video before we get started. The video was streaming live earlier this morning on YouTube and the official Smash Website.

(From here on out, there are spoilers within in regards to Fire… » 7/14/14 12:56pm 7/14/14 12:56pm

Sakurai's hype train does not know how to stop! With that fake out (in my opinion, obvious bait and switch) with the crazy trophy that was released today as the screenshot of the day.

Anyway, it was unexpected and that's what makes it so exciting. Time to bring back Screenshot of the Day...For only a day today lol » 7/14/14 10:28am 7/14/14 10:28am

A Gift For TAY! Enjoy Responsibly!

You guys know this fellow, no?

After ID posted his amazingly awesome TAYbot mascots, I recall someone asking me a while back to render this...Beargod thing into a proper form. Maybe Geebs?

I dunno! The point is, seeing those mascots got me inspired to make a sort of spirit animal thing for TAY, to be used at your… » 7/11/14 7:48pm 7/11/14 7:48pm